Mint Aero Chocolate Cheesecake


4oz Digestive Biscuits (about 12 mcvities digestives)
3oz of Melted Butter


320g Philadelphia Soft Cheese Cadbury Chocolate / Philadelphia Soft Cheese
250g Icing sugar
250ml Whipping cream
2 Large Mint Aero Bars


*Crush the digestive biscuits to your preference and slowy add in the melted butter. 
*Again the butter is to your preference. 
*The more butter to more your base will stay together
*Line the tin with cling film as this helps get the cheesecake out easy when it is set. 
*Cover the base of the tin with the crushed biscuit mix.
*Mix together the Philadelphia Soft Cheese Cadbury Chocolate and the icing sugar.
*Whip the whipping cream and then add it to the mixture.
*Grate the 2 Aero bars. 
*Add about 3/4 of it to the mixture and mix together.
*Spread the mixture on top of the biscuit base.
*Add the rest of the grated aero to the top of the cheesecake.
*Now leave to set over night in the fridge.
*Enjoy !!

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