Chicken&Potato Bake

Easy Baked Chicken and Potato Dinner for Two. This baked dish brings home all the flavors of a roast chicken with vegetables, and it makes just enough for two.


First you need to prepare this delecious recipe between 4 to 6 raw chicken breasts, and also you need new potatoes, and green beans (if you prefere other green veggie you can use it  ). 
So to prepare this recipe you need first to arrange in 9x13 dish. After all that work now sprinkle with a packet of Italian dressing mix then you need to top with a melted stick of butter.
Second step : Finally step , you need now to cover with foil and next of that bake 350 F ,about One hour. make sure for the last 10 mins you need to take the foil off . Serve and for sure enjoye !!!

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